How even basic punctuation can change the meaning in copywriting

Have you ever wondered what the power of a comma is? It’s amazing how a small thing like it can make such big changes in the meaning of a sentence! Here is one funny example:


An exclamation mark put instead of a full stop can cause misunderstanding. Your client or your audience may think you are shouting or ordering them to do something. Although it may be something you feel like doing sometimes, it is not recommended… So mind your exclamation marks (!)…

If a question mark is mixed with a full stop or vice versa, it can not only cause misunderstanding, but also can make you look silly.

Question mark

While reading a copy, wrong punctuation or lack of it on some occasions can make you think that the person who wrote it is not very educated… It is different if you work for yourself and have all the responsibility and it’s a different story when your work represents a company. That is why companies should check some of the copywriter’s previous work and learn about the copywriter’s reading habits and interests.

So we saw that different combination of punctuation can cause different meanings and even feelings. Which one do you like most?

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Punctuation can change the meaning drastically. How do you manage punctuation while writing a copy? Do you give your text for proofreading?