You would agree that one of the most important things in business is networking and the connections you have. Nowadays business networking has to a great degree moved online and there is a powerful business society where you should definitely promote your blog. We are talking about a network exclusively used for business: LinkedIn. Social networks are not used only for personal connections. You can see that Facebook or Twitter have made steps towards business use, too. Being social is good for business, so let’s see some tips on how to promote your blog on LinkedIn.

Create your profile

The first thing to do is to create your profile if you don’t have one yet. Add the link to your blog in the Contact info section to make sure that your blog is available to everyone who visits your profile.

Share, share, share

Share the link to your blog occasionally to remind your connections that you are unique and that your blog is worth visiting. You can use inspiring and different message every time, you don’t want to spam!

Also, always share the link to your new blog post and write an interesting description which will make your connections click on the link and read the post, hopefully like your update and share it.

Talk, talk, talk

There are many groups on LinkedIn where you can join discussions, answer polls, ask questions and exchange experiences with other bloggers. My favorite is The Blog Zone – A community for bloggers. Most of the groups don’t allow pure self promotion, so engage yourself in conversation and discuss different topics regarding blogging.

You can even start your own group where you can share your new blog posts and start discussions regarding your industry.

Let’s meet

Find new connections that you think are relevant for your network and send invitations. Once you are connected to someone, send a thank you message and include the link to you blog, invite them to have a look and ask if they have their blog so that you can help each other and exchange experiences.

This networking doesn’t have to remain only online and in a virtual world. Meet your connections in person, promote your blog and discuss possibilities for a successful cooperation.

Push the button

If you already haven’t, add the LinkedIn share and join button to your blog.

And in the end…

Be active, be present! Like on other social networks, it is the most important thing on LinkedIn.

Promote your blog on LinkedIn

Do you promote your blog on LinkedIn and which other tips do you suggest?