Is there always freedom in writing? There is if you are writing a book for your joy, your own blog or a letter to your friend. But sometimes you can be restricted by different factors such as time, number of characters or style.


Deadline. What an impressive word! To many of you the word immediately implies something scary that waits for you at the end of the road. You also have the choice to see it as something positive that encourages you to finish your writing and not to write indefinitely.


While writing, sometimes you are limited space wise, like in a tweet where you have 140 characters available to share your thoughts and create a message. Keywords play an important role in that case, wouldn’t you agree?

Writing an article or a blog post, you have e.g. 350 words available, but you have so much to say. You need to be concise, to the point, express ideas and emotions with that number of words. You can always take that paragraph you deleted because of the word limit and use it as a new idea for a new article. All thoughts and notes are valuable and can be used somewhere.


Official, unofficial, technical, narrative… Very often you will need to stick to a specific style in writing. Most of the time a simple language is the best solution, because it shows that you can say the most complicated things in the field you are an expert in, by using simple words. Even while using a specific style, you can express your thoughts very well.

Freedom in writing

How do you manage your writing when you have specific word limit, deadline or a style to stick to?