For those who want great copy for their website

If you continued reading this post, you are one of those people who think that great copy is crucial for a successful website. And you are right! Yes, you should pay attention to design and functionality, but not only. The quality textual content is recognized both by search engines and by your (potential) customers. So how to write text for website?

Know your product and your audience

While writing copy for a website, the most important is to know your audience and know your product or service. What you offer and what the benefits are for a reader/client is of great value.

So make things easier and see website copywriting as buying a present for your friend, colleague or family member. The better you know them, the better present you will choose. Because what they want, like and need is what you should focus on. Anyhow, you will not buy a present you want for yourself, because it’s not about you. It’s about them. That’s why one of the rules is: don’t brag about yourself… Of course there are many rules for copywriting, such as:

  • write about the benefits of your product/service
  • pick the style according to your audience
  • make it compelling
  • connect emotionally
  • prove that you are the best
  • use clear and simple language
  • consider the keywords
  • spell check and grammar
  • make the text easy to read (scannable)
  • add call to action
  • make it easy for them to contact you
  • (and there are more),

you will see that sometimes the same rule may not apply to every audience. So one of the most important rules in every case is to review your copy lots of times, experiment and see what works best with the specific audience you are writing for.

Do you have time to do it yourself or you prefer to hire a professional to write an exceptional copy for your website?