European day of languages

European day of languages

September 26th is the European day of languages. The EU has 24 official languages, and yes, there are even more in Europe, an amazing amount of 230 foreign languages! I’m wondering something. Have you ever thought that what for you is a foreign language, for someone else is mother language? So this completely different perspective is an interesting way of seeing wider image of languages. And praising them. Communication should be done somehow! I think they deserve all the glory after all…

We are talking about words, yet let’s see some numbers. Did you know that 55% of effective communication is body language, 38% is tonality and that the impact of words consists of only 7% of human interaction? So what is the power of words, of a language, you may ask yourself. I believe it is huuuge, because technology has lead to a decrease of live interaction at a dizzying rate…

While talking on phone, you have your voice as a secret weapon (besides words), so you can achieve 15% effectiveness with your words (body language left out). And when you are transferring your message in writing, suddenly these 7% raise up to 100% because you are presenting without the body language and voice.

It is great now you know that 7% goes on language and I’m asking you – how do you get out of the communication labyrinth if the words are in a language you don’t understand? Well, this is where translation and translators jump into the image to solve the riddle. They are carrying an umbrella up high to protect you from the rain of words. They will take your hand and lead you to the way out, so make sure you trust what they are saying!

This story is like a language you understand to some point, so for sure you will find your own meaning and will understand the context anyhow.

By the way, happy European day of languages!