Creating the scene

Creating the scene

A creative use of languages is a base for good translation, social media marketing and copywriting. That is why at the Souffleur everything is presented in metaphors with creative combinations of words. The services the Souffleur provides are high quality translation, social media marketing and copywriting in English, Greek and Serbian for your business. The Souffleur blog with its creative approach to language brings translation, social media marketing and copywriting closer to you and offers a new aspect of perception.

A play of words

We are all participating in the play of life and the world is our theater. At the Souffleur, that theater is the place where the translator, copywriter and social media marketer join each other on the stage in an unexpected way. The audience is ready for the play and the curtains are being raised… What do you see?

All three messengers are on the scene:

  • The translator is the actor who helps the audience understand what is happening in a scene; that is, transfers the message of the writer into an appropriate language, to retell a story.
  • The copywriter is the stage designer whose role is to create the images on the stage and visually tell the story. The copywriter helps shape the image of a company, whilst depicting its story, culture and values with the power of language.
  • The social media marketer is like the light designer, who uses lights of different strengths or purposes to emphasize what is happening on stage. The job of a social media marketer is to combine different social media in order to strengthen a message and help the audience see the things that are relevant.

So does your business need a translator, a copywriter, a social media marketer or all of them united in the Souffleur? They are all available for your play and performance in different languages. Let the Souffleur and his messengers share your messages in English, Greek and Serbian.

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